time to get naughty

Bass Coma featuring Spankalicious in TOP 10 September new releases!

No Comments Massive thanks to The Untz for their review! Time to Get Naughty was selected by the staff as a Top 10 EDM release of September and to be placed with the likes of Bassnectar, Lotus, SPL still has our heads spinning. Check it out with a FREE DOWNLOAD!


Coincidence? Not when you’re Bass Coma on the Road to 4:20

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On the road strange things happen – Everywhere we looked we found 4:20. On the clock, odometer, even Garmin felt it was appropriate for us to arrive at our next show at 4:20 pm. Join us at 4:20 on 4:20 in St. Louis to FINISH THINGS RIGHT with Dieselboy Connector[...]



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We just spent 2 straight days of INTENSE collaboration with Kevin Moore aka Spankalicious!  Tunes to spread like butter arriving in the near future.